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i693 Consultation

Immigration i693 Consultation

If you’re looking for immigration appointment and information then you came to the right place. Immigration requires the form called i693. It is a medical exam form that is used when you complete your immigration appointment along with all the other required paperwork and fees. We REQUIRE a consultation with us prior to coming in via email. Please utilize this  consult form to inquire about immigration consult. Walk ins are NOT accepted.

Please click the following button and fill out the consult form to start the i693 process:


Pricing is subject to consultation and is only used for your own reference. Consultation will help us decide everything that you need since this will vary upon age and records

Immigration Exam: $225.00


TDAP: $85

MMR: $135.00

Chest X ray: $85.00

Varicella: Unavailable




Gonorrhea: $85.00

RPR: $50.00

Quantiferon: $85.00

MMR TITER: $75.00

VARICELLA Titer: $60.00

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