Family Owned

We're Here to Serve

Dr. Minh Bui worked in the Emergency Department for over 35 years and whenever there were times of high stress he would always say, "We're here to serve." Somehow, someway this simple saying would calm the storm around him.

It's hard to capture into words how fitting that saying is to Dr. Bui. He truly is a person who always want to help others and do it while smiling. So when one day he told his family he wanted to leave the ER and open an Urgent Care, we knew it was going to be special.

Dr. Bui spent many days and nights dreaming up his own Urgent Care and chose Bensalem to be our home. His son Stephen still remembers leaving the movies at 1 am only to have Dr. Bui take him to the corner of Hulmeville and Park to sit and look. 


Stephen remembers thinking it was a little small, but Dr. Bui shared his vision of 5 exam rooms, 1 X-ray, and more. Stephen said he was crazy. But after many sleepless nights, on December 19th, 2018, Dr. Bui finally opened his own People’s Choice Urgent Care on 3571 Hulmeville Rd. Bensalem. PA 19020.

Our Family

Stephen and his Father, Dr. Minh Bui, at the Bensalem Fall Festival

Dr. Minh Bui M.D.

Dr. Bui graduated from Temple University School of Medicine and proceeded to work in the Emergency Room for most of his career mainly at Nazareth Hospital. Dr. Bui was selected to be a part of Alpha Omega Alpha which represents the top 1% of physicians in America. He founded People’s Choice Urgent Care in Bensalem in 2018.

Stephen Bui M.S.

Stephen knew his dad would need his help one day even if he never asked and he jumped at the opportunity to work with his father and continue a career in business. Stephen recently received his masters of science from Temple University in 2018.

Dr. Benjamin Bui M.D

Dr. Benjamin Bui graduated from Temple University School of Medicine and went to Emergency Room residency at Temple. Dr. Bui is also an ER physician at Lankenau Hospital and an awesome brother to Stephen and son to Minh. Together, they all have had fun creating something they could call their own as a family. You may see Dr. Bui occasionally interviewed on the local news educating the community about the current health problems like the flu.

Dr. Michael Whalen M.D

Dr. Michael Whalen also graduated from Temple University School of Medicine and went to Emergency Room residency at Temple. Dr. Whalen and Dr. Benjamin Bui had been friends through residency and have become a dynamic duo in the ER. We hope they can continue their excellent care for People’s Choice. Recently, Dr. Whalen was chosen as one of the top doctors in 2018 for Main Line Today. 

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