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Self-Pay COVID Test

All Testing is Appointment Based Only


  1. These appointments are strictly for Self-Pay patients, tests are $75.00. 
  2. If you are looking for a RAPID Swab, you are in the right place, it is NOT BILLED THROUGH INSURANCE.
  3. If you are traveling, our RAPID swab is RAPID ANTIGEN, please make sure you confirm the test type your destination requires.
  4. During your appointment, you will drive to our building, park on the side, call 215-516-7500 and follow the menu options.
  5. Results will be available within 30 minutes to an hour.
  6. This is a testing visit, you do not see a physician and we will not write any doctor’s notes. This is for strictly a test result.
  7. For traveller’s requiring a PCR test, please schedule a video visit instead. The self pay rate for a video visit without insurance is $60.00 and then labs will charge $90-100 for the test.
  8. To use insurance, you will need to schedule a PCR test. You will schedule a telemedicine visit and we will send your swab to a lab. Please use the button below to schedule a telemedicine visit.

Reminder Rapid Swabs are Self Pay Only, to use insurance and send out to a lab please use this button to schedule a video visit

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Closed 03/31/2024 for Easter!
Happy Easter!