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Pricing for medical treatment should not be as difficult as the world makes it. That’s why here at People’s Choice Urgent Care when it comes to self-pay pricing we are committed to transparent and convenient pricing! Many urgent cares will charge you for every little thing, but here at People’s Choice we try to include as much as we can into two tiers to make it easy to know what to expect before you come in. 

Self-Pay Exam Prices

Tier 1 Exam: $125.00

Our standard exam includes some basic labs and rapid test such as flu/strep. 

Tier 2 Exam: $225.00 

Includes everything in our standard exam, however, you will require a tier 2 exam if you need procedures such as laceration repair, incisions and drainage, EKGs, X rays, nebulizers, and other more intensive procedures.*

*You can always call in and ask what price to expect to pay before the visit. 

Out of Pocket Services

School, Work, and Sports Physicals: $55.00

Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD): $35.00 for both placement and read

Department of Transportation (DOT) Exam: $135.00

Flu Shot: $35.00

Tetanus: $70.00

5 Drug Screen Panel: $55.00

11 Drug Screen Panel: $110.00




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